Mission Statement

The focus of our business activities is the automation of reporting processes for companies as well as the analysis of electronic company reports.

***  A to Z Reporting  ***

Our products and services extend over the entire processing chain of corporate reporting. This is what the name of our company stands for.

For our customers an improved automation of information processing is typically associated with an initial investment. Therefore, we advise our clients on the premise that partially or fully automated processes must be measured by an increase in efficiency, quality and productivity.

In the development of our products we focus on quality and the advantage of knowledge by focusing on key technologies that we develop independently or select with great care. The most important factor here is the expertise and professional approach of our employees.


Software based on the modular principle

For us "software based on the modular principle" is the key to flexible and customer-oriented reporting solutions. The modularisation and re-usability of software sounds simple and plausible, but it is only accessible through long-term and sustainable planning.

The most powerful aspects in the design of software for us are:

  • the incorporation of our customer's existing infrastructure,
  • the quality of the individual components for process automation,
  • ocusing on standards and open architectures
  • and the efficient handling of individual project requirements

A proof of the implementation of the principle "software based on the modular principle" is that all the products from our product range are based on each other or can be combined with other products. Moreover, our products provide interfaces to adapt to our customers' local conditions.

The basic requirement for optimal reporting is that all report blocks fit together. It is not only the functionality of individual process steps which is important here, but also the usefulness of the relevant information for subsequent process steps in the reporting chain. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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