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The focus of our activities is the development of software products and solutions as well as the provision of IT consulting services. We focus on the scope of automated electronic reporting (e-Reporting).

Our development is driven by our motivation to automate the flow of information in the preparation of company reports. The information supply chain starts for us with accounting or ERP and consolidation systems and ends with office documents (Word/Excel) or with electronic reports which a company produces for one or more customers.

ABZ recognised the trend toward standardised electronic reports in the XBRL format many years ago and applied the integration of the Business Reporting Standards for essential procedures to their own product development. Our company's success is based on the ever-increasing national and international adoption of XBRL.



ABZ Reporting GmbH was founded in 2001 by former employees of the Fraunhofer Institute IPSI (Darmstadt).

Products are created from visions.

Our employee's expertise which originates from the research areas of data management and XML flowed into the numerous e-reporting products of ABZ, especially into the XBRL core technologies from which most of our current products are developed and are still used by many other software vendors.

ABZ Reporting is one of the leading international providers of XBRL software. For example, millions of XBRL documents are now processed with our XBRL processor ABRA TE each year.

The focus of our activities has shifted over the years from the development of core technology to products for professional business users. Our new generation of products mainly supports the creation of company reports for internal and external reporting, but also the data analysis for recipients of electronic reports. Great innovation in our products leads to many unique features. You can see this for yourself in the product section available on our website!


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