The ReportFactory has supported the production and delivery of e-balance sheets since the e-balance sheet-piloting by the financial authorities in the first quarter of 2011. Therefore, the software has been sufficiently tested since then and is used by a very large number of companies.

The businesses using the software ranges from small businesses to very large companies, including a number of DAX-listed companies.

Since the submission of e-balance sheets for all branches (supplementary and special taxonomies) is supported, users from various industries can be found among our customers.

E-balance sheet industry taxonomies
Supplementary industries
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Hospitals
  • Care facilities
  • Transport companies
  • Housing companies
  • Municipal companies
Specialised sectors
  • Bank
  • Insurers
  • Payment institutions

On request we will be pleased to designate a reference company comparable with your business!

Not only companies but also tax accountants and auditors are customers of ReportFactory. We provide free licenses for external consultants of companies, with which the consultant can support a reporting entity with the creation of e-balance sheets.

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